December Adviser Magazine CPD Questions
First Name
Last Name
What was the AFA Conference theme?
Which providers has the AFA secured education discounts with for its members?
Deakin, Kaplan, WSU and TAFE NSW
Deakin, Kaplan, UNE and TAFE NSW
Griffith, Kaplan, UNE and TAFE NSW
It has been passed into legislation that the FASEA exam deadline has been extended to 1 January 2022 and the education deadline extended to 1 January 2026
What was the number one attribute clients rated they look for, according to MetLife's Understanding the Adviser-client Relationship Report?
Transparence about fees
Honesty and trustworthiness
Payment preferences
According to Michelle Hoskin, what are the 4 key attributes a paraplanner should demonstrate?
Alert, curious, responsive, resourceful
Detailed, curious, responsive, alert
Resourceful, factual, detailed,alert
Kate McCallum recommends some things you can try to stay positive. Two of these include:
Meditating, Being kind to yourself
Yoga, Being kind to yourself
Having an attitude of gratitude, exercising
What is the name of the AFA's education community?
AFA Learning
FChFP Dream Team
Campus AFA Community
The AFA offers member support through councelling and mental health for members
According to Marc Bineham, how many new advisers joined the industry from June to September 2019?
How often does Charles Green recommend you set personal goals?
Every 6 months
Every 12 months
Every 3 months